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Top 6 Apps to Sort Your Life Out

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by Emily Beaumont
November 3, 2015
Category:   Blog

Bad news ladies and gents. Although university is fantastic for partying, socialising and binge-watching whole seasons on Netflix; eventually you are going to have to do some work. Even if you’re in first year and living by the mantra of ‘first year doesn’t count towards my degree’, you’ll thank yourself in second year if you do actually put a bit of effort in.

Thankfully, there are a lot more study aids in the digital age, compared to say, when your folks were at uni. Christ, they even had to handwrite their assignments. However, now there are all sorts of technological advancements to help you speed ahead in education. Here are our top 6 study aid apps here at the Student Housing Guide. You can thank us when you get that First, like.

1) Alarmy- Sleep if You Can
If you happen to be a persistent snoozer who always sleeps in too late to lectures, the Alarmy app is a fantastic investment. Alarmy is an app designed for students that requires the completion of small tasks in order to be switched off. Think tasks like taking a photo of a specific item or shaking your phone for a minute. Not only will you be super-awake, but it also gives you weather updates so you know whether to pack a brolly or not.

2) RefMe
RefMe is an app created by a Leeds University student, designed to make the tedious process of creating a bibliography a little less painful. Using the app, you simply scan the barcode of the book you need to reference, and the app puts it all together for you. Handy.

3) SoundNote
SoundNote is a handy app designed to make note-taking in lectures a whole lot easier. Instead of frantically scribbling notes down hoping your lecturer doesn’t switch over to the next slide, SoundNote records lectures audibly and visually.

4) Self Control
Many students are guilty of browsing the web whilst trying to study, checking Facebook notifications and ironically tweeting about how much work you have to do. Yes, resisting the temptation to procrastinate is hard when you have a 3000 word French Revolution essay to be working on, but help is at hand. Self Control, which is currently available for computers, blocks a selected number of websites meaning when you settle down to do some work, work will actually get done. Buzzing.

5) Studious
Starting university can be hard, especially during the hustle and bustle of first year. Get organised with Studious, where you can input all your lectures and deadlines. From there, the app will send reminders in plenty of time- so no excuses for staying in bed.

University students often struggle with finances, often blowing through student loans and savings incredibly quickly. By downloading, you are able to closely control your budget and show a breakdown of what you spend the most money on. Hey, you might even become more responsible as a result.

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