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Top 5 New Additions to Netflix This Month

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by Emily Beaumont
October 9, 2015
Category:   Blog

It’s officially October, and winter is starting to hit us, hard. Freshers week is over, the assignments are piling up, and the longer, brisker nights are a fantastic excuse to sit in your room and do nothing. We’ve rounded up the best additions to Netflix this month for you to enjoy as winter approaches. Or, background noise for ‘Netflix n chill’. Ooh aye.


1) American Horror Story, Freak Show
One for the more time-committed Netflix viewer. The fourth instalment from the American Horror Story franchise explores the unpleasant world of one of America’s last standing freak shows, plus, there’s a scary clown and everything isn’t what it seems. Creepy stuff.



2) Ratatouille
An absolute hit when it was released in 2007, this critically acclaimed instalment from the Disney Pixar Studios follows the story of Remy the rat, who inherits a taste for fine food and cooking. You’re never too old.


3) Jackass presents: Bad Grampa
Johnny Knoxville’s infamous Jackass character Bad Grampa stars in his first feature length film interacts with real folks in this Borat-style film. Rude, crude with plenty of lolz.


4) The Angriest Man in Brooklyn
In one of the late Robin Williams’ most recent films, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn tells the story of a perpetually angry man who is informed he has 90 minutes to live viagra generique pas. He promptly sets out to reconcile with his family and friends in the short time he has left.


5) Saving Mr Banks
A terribly lovely film about when PL Travers went to see Walt Disney about her book Mary Poppins being made into a bonafide Hollywood film. Starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, this is definitely a film that’ll make you ‘feel things’. Aww.

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