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Top 5 Cheapest Cities to Live as a Student

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by Emily Beaumont
December 11, 2015
Category:   Blog

Balancing money for rent, books and booze can certainly be tricky stuff when you’re budgeting. The Student Living Index, created by Natwest has pin-pointed the cheapest cities to live in as a student. It may surprise you! A group of students were asked about their spending habits on various student needs, such as essentials (such as food shopping, rent and travel), socialising, sports and fitness, and hobbies and interests. Here are the top 5:

1) Belfast
Students from Belfast spend the least on groceries (£16) while their rent prices are the cheapest at £46 per week. Sounds like a bargain!


2) Southampton
Southampton performed as one of the best with students in the city having the most earnings from part time work and working the longest hours.


3) Nottingham
Students in Nottingham have the lowest expenditure on hobbies and interests, as well as a cheap nightlife scene.


4) Edinburgh
For students living in the capital of Scotland, the general expenditure is much lower than average.


5) Manchester
Manchester students have the lowest expenditure on health and fitness.


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