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The Student Dictionary

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by admin
November 14, 2016
Category:   Blog

A whole host of random people socializing together means new slang, new phrases and new references you’ve never even heard of before. We’ve put together a little ‘University Dictionary’ for you with the basics.

Fresher = Freshman Student
Pretty self-explanatory, students in their first year at university.

Pres/Prinks = Pre-drinks
The drinks you drink before you go out drinking. Take it to an extreme prink level by preing pres, this normally takes the shape of having a shower beer.

BNOC = Big Name On Campus
Yeah, probably try avoid using this – it’s a bit lame.

Chunder = Sick
Synonyms include chun, vom, chunderdragon (the art of spinning round whilst you are being sick imitating that of a fire-breathing dragon), chundergrad (“yeah I’m studying a BA Hons in Chundering, I’m a chundergrad”), vomming and, finally, being sick.

Dench = Good/Big
Lethal Bizzle started it. Basically means good or used to refer to someone that is muscular.

TC = Tactical chunder
The tactical chunder is the art of purposefully being sick with the aim of it not ruining your evening. Remember to bring chewing gum. Oh, and if you’re really wasted – get a mate to escort you home.

Graveyard shift = Trying to pull someone as the club closes
These are normally the ‘lads’ fighting for their masculinity who try to pull as many girls as possible. If they have yet to pull, they begin scouring the dance floor for potential mates to take home for the night. It’s a pretty tragic sight to witness. Learn this type and avoid them at all costs.

Sesh = Session
Now, there’s various types of sessions you could have, it’s a pretty versatile term. There’s the gym sesh, the library sesh, the gossiping sesh and, the night out generally referred to as just ‘The Sesh’. (Is the word sesh starting to sound weird to you yet?)

Well, that completes our ‘University Dictionary’, now go out and have a sesh – your choice which kind.

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