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How to survive fresher’s week: A Year by Year guide.

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by admin
July 21, 2017
Category:   Blog

Each year comes with its own special set of qualities but what they all have in common is the week long party that kicks of the academia, but with each year you are going to experience a very different response to Freshers week, so here’s an over view of what those experiences might be like.

First Year:
What’s going to happen?
This is going to be the ultimate test to see if you have prepared yourself for the next week ahead. You are going to be hit hard by promoters offering free entry, free drink tickets and directions to the best bars, clubs, and events that are happening that night. You are going to meet so many people throughout this week it’s going to be almost overwhelming, pre-warning, you will be asked what are you studying by every single person that night just in hope that you might meet someone that’s going to be on the same course as you so you can sit together on the first organised lecture (even though chances are neither of you will attend).

How to survive.
To make sure you aren’t sucked into the never ending amount of events that are happening that week, have a look to see if your university has any kind of plan for the festivities, most do tickets for the week so that you can get into nights easily with queue jumps and tickets for the different places. Or just completely wing it, this is your first week to get to know the city, you may as well know every bar and club by the end of it, you’re going to be here a while so talk to everyone, go to as many events as possible and let loose for the first week of the next three years. The chances are you will go out every night throughout fresher’s week.

Chance of survival: 3/10

Second Year:

What’s going to happen?
This time around you know who you like and you know where you like, chances are you’ve been planning this week with your friends since you left for summer ready to hang out with everyone that you’ve not seen for the past 4 months. You’re going to be completely ready to go to your usual stomping ground and make sure that the city can feel your return. However, it’s going to be over-run with over excited fresher’s with no idea where they’re going, they will come up to you and ask you what you study, they will want to know the best places to go, and you’ll feel like you’re surrounded by children all night.

How to survive.
Remind yourself that this was you last year. Let loose for the first time with no idea how to handle the freedom. Stick with your group and have the best night catching up and doing the things that you usually do, you’re back at uni and you have the full year ahead of you, the fresher’s will calm down and you won’t have to worry about them destroying your fave bars for much longer. You’ll probably hit the town a couple of nights out of the week and vow to not make the same mistake next time around.

Chance of Survival: 6/10

Third Year:
What’s going to happen?
At this point, you’ve realised everyone younger than you is an idiot and the idea of stepping into any bar or club on fresher’s week is a bad idea for your cynical attitude. You’re going to sit in your house and drink with your housemates. After a few drinks have been flowing you’ll feel like checking in with everyone thats close by to find out what the plan is, chances are the plan is very similar to what you’re doing. All of you will be almost out of drinks and the walk to the local shop is no where near as tempting as speedily getting ready and hitting town.

How to survive.
This is the last real time you’re going to be able to pretend you’re free for the next year, the final year is going to be hitting you hard really soon, so you may as well get as much out of the night as possible. University is going to be over super soon so you need to make sure you use every free second to make some hazy memories. The sense of dread will soon be filling you so you may as well have one last chance to have a good time.

Chance of Survival 1/10

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