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Student Questions: Meeting New People

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by Joe Food
November 24, 2014
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We understand that moving away to university is not an easy thing for most aspiring students to do. Send in your questions and concerns to @unihousingguide and we at The Student Housing Guide will call on our team of seasoned graduates to give you their honest opinions.

This week, we’re talking to Erin from Sheffield about perhaps the most common worry for students waiting to go to university: meeting new people in first year.


Erin Harvey, age 17 and applying for 2015 courses at University.

Q. As an aspiring Journalism student, the plan – if all goes well – is to move to Glasgow for University which would be a long way from home. I know there are many in a similar position, who are planning to move further away, or maybe even close to home, but either way it is likely to be the first time we have lived away from parents or family and friends. Living in student accommodation seems like the best way to go and what most people would do, but personally I still have worries about living with a whole new group of people and if it’s as easy to make friends and fit in as everyone says it is?




Joseph Food, age 21 and 2014 graduate from Sheffield Hallam University.

A. It’s completely normal to be worried about meeting people before you make the move into your halls of residence. However, the truth is everybody is in the same boat and you will often find that people are all extremely friendly and personable simply because they want the same thing as you: to make friends viagra andorre. There’s usually a lot going on in terms of social events and nights out during the first few months, so there’s plenty of opportunity to meet loads of new people, your social group won’t only consist of those you are living with. The great thing about moving away for university is having the opportunity to mix with different types of people from all walks of life; it broadens your social horizons and, hopefully, will make you feel like you made the right choice.

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