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Key things to know about being a fresher.

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by admin
June 22, 2017
Category:   Blog, Uncategorized

So by now you’re sitting eagerly waiting to find out which university you’re going to get into, and having blissful ideas of how you’re going live as a brand new student. By now you’ve probably spoken to a few previous students about their experience and had some horror stories and some good tales but here are just a few things you need to keep in mind.

1: Your new BFF’s.
Your first-year accommodation offers you the possibility to make your new forever friends. However, you will come to find that the people that you are living with might have little in common with you. This isn’t exactly a deal breaker; these people might open your eyes to new experiences, music and could benefit you in your social goings in your new city. The best thing to do is to not hold out complete hope that you’re going to make your best friend on the first day. There are the lucky people that continue to live with the same people they met on day one for the next three years and all is great, but don’t be too downhearted if that’s not you. There’s going to be plenty of people for you to get to know at uni.

2. Your new pad.
The photos online look great, and the location works perfectly, you have your own space and you have the chance to do whatever you want whilst you’re there. This is all true. But there are going to be issues. After living complacently with your family for your whole life the little things that get done for you automatically are now yours to do. You’re going to need to keep on top of the cleaning, the washing, and the shopping to make sure that you can live like a human being. Not just your own, but there’s everyone else’s. Best advice? Make a rota. You’re going to look like a bit of a control freak when you suggest it, but if there’s some structure for who needs to take out the bin and when chances are your whole kitchen won’t start stinking by week two.

3. Your Health
You now have full control over your well-being, and that’s great but it comes with a great level of responsibility. You will drink more; you will eat more, and after all that, you are going to probably exercise less. This is something to keep in mind when you make that first trek to the local supermarket. It’s going to be very easy to buy the cheapest fattiest foods possible to keep you going, but just keep in mind that your body will appreciate a vegetable every now and again.

4. Your Free Time
There’s going to be a never-ending list of things to do in the city that you now call home, and most of them will include a quick drink but you’re going to regret not getting to know the city that you live in. Use your free time to try something new, go somewhere different in the city and make the most out of what you have around you. You can get sucked into doing the same things constantly, so try and make sure you at least doing something new every once in a while.

5. Your Education
This is why you are here, and you’re going to forget that very easily. Getting sucked into your own independent lifestyle happens without realising. It’s all glitz and glamour and fun, but you are doing your degree and you need to keep that in mind when two weeks before the deadline someone suggests you going to the nearest pub. Managing your time is important (obvious I know but still, it needs saying). Little and often works best, that way you won’t be overwhelmed when due dates keep getting mentioned with more urgency than before.

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