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How to get into clubs for free

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by admin
January 18, 2017
Category:   Blog

1. Become a promoter

There’s an unspoken rule between all clubnight promoters that you sort each other out guestlist no matter what. This is the easiest way of getting guestlist as the promoter is the one with the final say.

2. Make friends with the sound/lighting guy. (And if you have to the DJ)

Sometimes it’s the person you least expect to be able to help you that is the one you need to speak to. The sound or lighting guy normally has a few free spots and very few mates to invite, be that mate. And if you have to there’s always the warm up DJ.

3. Message the promoter and say you’re bringing loads of paying guests.

Most promoters are pretty desperate for ticket sales. Message the promoter directly and say you’re gonna bring a load of people who will pay on the door. If they don’t offer you a free ticket, say “can i be cheeky and ask for a glist in return for bringing so many people?”. Most will be so desperate to get another big group in they’ll say yes.

4. Arrive really early. Like half an hour/ an hour before the event starts.

Most nightclubs are an absolute ghost town before the night kicks off. Arrive early and hang about until you spot an opening. Wear dark clothes and move in the shadows/with confidence. Get in the loos and stay there til people start arriving. Problem solved.

5. Arrive with a box of lemons/limes

This method requires the most effort but is probably the most fail-safe. Bring an open box of lemons and arrive looking like you’re in a hurry. If the bouncers/doorstaff don’t wave you past like any normal person would, just say “Are you actually joking mate? You think I’m trying to blag in? These are for the bar.” Persist, they will crumble.

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