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How to have a flat party without it getting out of control – a step by step guide.

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by admin
July 21, 2017
Category:   Blog, Uncategorized

There’s nothing better than getting your top 10 together for pre’s and making sure that everyone is in the best mood for the night ahead. Here’s the guide to make sure that your party doesn’t get out of control. They might not work 100% of the time, but they might just help.

Step One: Pre-warn your housemates.
This is key. They aren’t your parents and you aren’t asking permission but if your housemate has an essay due at least this gives them the chance to find a library buddy so they can avoid the party. This also makes them think they are welcome to join in, which is a great way to keep everyone playing happy families.

Step Two: The Guest List.
Okay so you’re going to want everyone to have a good time and you want the best people you know to turn up, but remember chances are everyone you invite is going to want to bring someone else with them. So the 10-15 people you invited can quickly get out of hand, so make sure you know how many to expect.

Step Three: Refreshments.
It goes without saying that it’s bring your own booze to the party but chances are no one’s bringing their own cups. Spending a couple of pounds and plastic cups and straws can really make the difference. This way no breakages, no washing up and easy clean up after. Sneaky top tip, get a marker and write names on cups, no misplaced drinks and no one using 6 cups throughout the night.


Step Four: The Music.
No one likes to listen to the same music all night, and no one like to be the one to leave their phone connected to the speakers. Spotify is the best option, the queue feature will stop any arguments and everyone can listen to what they want when they want to. There might be a few odd add’s popping up but it’ll be worth it in the long run.


Step 5: Bathroom Breaks.
So there are two options when it comes to housing and toilet situations, you’ve either got a communal one or you have an en-suite, either way, your party goers are going to want to use the loo at some point. If it’s your party you have to let your guests use your facilities. Pre-prep for this situation. Hide your goodies, the chances of someone stealing your things are slim but better safe than sorry. Make sure you have toilet roll, bleach, and some air spray. There’s nothing worse than climbing into bed after your night to then be hit with the smell of 30 other people.


Step 6: Getting everyone out
So chances are you’re at the point where you’re ready to go and see the rest of the night at a new location, but there’s a group of people and you need to herd them out of your flat into the closest bar. Let everyone know the plan from the start if everyone knows there’s more planned of the night they’ll be aware of when they need to be going before it’s even mentioned. That way it’ll be pretty easy to assemble the troops and get them out of your flat.


Step 7: Clean Up
Morning comes and you lay in bed worried about what the kitchen is going to look like, but this is the easy part. Thanks to the handy plastic cups, all you need to do is run around with a bag and throw everything in the recycling bin. The floor will need to be cleaned because someone will have spilled their drink but it won’t be as big of a job as you think.


Step 8: The next party.
After everything’s sorted and your phones been lit up with people saying how great the night was, now’s the time to suggest having the party at theirs next time.

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