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Coventry Student Accommodation

Welcome to the Coventry Student Housing Guide; the best way to find student accommodation in Derby for the next academic year. Although not one of the biggest or happening of student cities, Coventry does possess a certain charm that attracts students across the country to it’s universities. Whether you’re a University of Warwick or University of Coventry student, you can enjoy all the amenities Coventry has to offer, including the legendary student nightclub Kasbah, an array of shops with a good range of choice, and some great restaurants. Plus, being located slap-bang in the middle of the country and good transport links, it’s easy to access all the UK’s major cities.

Kasbah Nightclub


Best student areas in Coventry

City Centre- Does what it says on the tin. Not too far to walk anywhere, and close to all the shops, restaurants and bars. Be aware, that with a good location, comes a bigger price tag.
Hillfields- Hillfields is just around the corner from the University of Coventry and is the location for the majority of student halls. Although once known as the ‘red light district’ of Coventry, a lot has been done to transform the areas image and is now one of the most popular student areas. Hillfields has its own shopping centre with many ethnic food shops and convenience stores.
Spon End-Although not one of the most popular residential areas for students, Spon End does have many factors that make it a great place to settle during term-time. It’s very close to the university; only around a 10 minute walk, and a taxi from town after a night-out costs only around £3.50.

Coundon Road


Lower Coundon- A popular area with second and third year students, Lower Coundon is about a 20 minute walk from the universities. There’s a large Morrisons, corner shops and takeaways.
Earlsdon- A really popular area for both Coventry and Warwick students alike. Earlsdon is also a place where people, including students go to in the evening as there are nice pubs and places to eat. You can walk to Uni from most places in Earlsdon in about 25 minutes.
Chapelfields- Chapelfields is very popular with students from both universities and takes around 25 minutes to walk to the universities. There aren’t many shops in the area, but is within walking distance to the major supermarkets.

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