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Launch of Student Discount Hub!

Hello friends! Here at the Student Housing Guide we’re very excited to announce the launch of out Student Beans micro-site. It’s jam-packed full of loads of wonderful student discounts to fill yer’ socks with, including discounts from Amazon, Dominos, Thorpe Park, The Body Shop and many many more. Like the sound of this? Simply …

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Top 5 Cheapest Cities to Live as a Student

Balancing money for rent, books and booze can certainly be tricky stuff when you’re budgeting. The Student Living Index, created by Natwest has pin-pointed the cheapest cities to live in as a student. It may surprise you! A group of students were asked about their spending habits on various student needs, such as essentials …

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Tips for decorating your student bedroom

7 tips for decorating your student bedroom without losing your deposit We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve walked into our new student bedroom and thought ‘ugh, is this it?’ For the majority, bedrooms in halls or student housing can be pretty grim, very plain, and very um, beige. So we’ve compiled a …

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The 20 Inevitable Stages of University Group Work

“Yes, I would love to work in a group with a bunch of people I don’t know”- said no one, ever.   1) When the groups are pre-assigned   2) That initial ‘brainstorming’ session when nobody wants to speak   3) Establishing roles and it’s decided you should take a leadership position   4) …

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Top 6 Apps to Sort Your Life Out

Bad news ladies and gents. Although university is fantastic for partying, socialising and binge-watching whole seasons on Netflix; eventually you are going to have to do some work. Even if you’re in first year and living by the mantra of ‘first year doesn’t count towards my degree’, you’ll thank yourself in second year if …

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10 Fun House Activities for When You’re Absolutely Skint

Student life by nature can be pretty expensive. Along with your accommodation costs, there are also books, food and bills to think about. All this can add up and leave you a bit skint for a fair few weeks which can be rubbish. But who says fun has to come with a price tag? …

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The Ten Annoying Housemate Types and How to Deal With Them

It’s been a few weeks since you moved in, and after a Jägerbomb-fueled haze of nights out your pretty certain you’re all going to be best friends forever. Pretty soon, you’ll take off the rose-tinted glasses and discover a whole other level of annoying housemate you didn’t even know existed before. Difficult housemates come in …

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Top 5 New Additions to Netflix This Month

It’s officially October, and winter is starting to hit us, hard. Freshers week is over, the assignments are piling up, and the longer, brisker nights are a fantastic excuse to sit in your room and do nothing. We’ve rounded up the best additions to Netflix this month for you to enjoy as winter approaches. …

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Top 5 Quick and Easy Student Recipes

We’ve compiled a top 5 list of delicious recipes baring your time, effort and bank balance in mind.   1) Better-than-a-takeaway Chicken Fried Rice Ingredients: 3 cups of long grain white rice, frozen peas and carrots, 1 onion, 2 garlic cloves, 2 eggs, boneless diced turkey breast, soy sauce. Method 1) Prepare rice as …

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20 Struggles That Are All Too Real For Any University Student

Wow, it’s October already and freshers week has officially come to an end. This means it’s time to start buckling down, attending your lectures and the reality of student life is about to hit you like a giant wet fish. We’ve compiled the many trials and tribulations you’re bound to face as you encounter …

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