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5 Activities You Can Do When You’re Skint

At some point during university, there is that panic of poorness. “Why am I doing this? Where did all my money go? I am literally SO bored.” You got 99 problems and having no money is the root of about 94 of them. But it’s not all doom and gloom – that’s when the …

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6 apps to sort out your university life

Bad news, ladies and gents: although university is fantastic for partying, socialising and binge-watching whole seasons on Netflix, eventually you are going to have to do some work. Even if you’re a fresher and living by the mantra of ‘first year doesn’t count towards my degree’, you’ll thank yourself in second year if you …

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7 tips for decorating a student room without losing your deposit

We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve walked into our new student bedroom and thought ‘ugh, is this it?’ For the majority, bedrooms in halls or student housing can be very, um, beige. So we’ve compiled a list of tips to make your new home more homely without needing to reach for that …

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5 student accommodation activities for when you’re skint

University life by nature can be pretty expensive. Along with your student accommodation costs, there are also books, food and bills to think about. All this can add up and leave you a bit skint for a fair few weeks, which, we’re not gonna lie to you, can be pretty rubbish. But who says fun has …

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The Top 5 Student Discount Services

Because every little helps… Student Beans Student Beans is a youth media brand, which produces loads of interesting student content, but is also absolutely packed with student offers and discounts. So much so, here at the Student Housing Guide we’ve even got our own Student Beans microsite full of ways to help you save …

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The Pros and Cons of Sleeping With a Housemate

You’ve just got in from a night-out, feeling a little tipsy, and neither of you managed to pull. After a considerable amount of alcohol, you find yourself getting quite handsy and low and behold; you end up waking up next to your dear old housemate. It’s always going to be awkward at first, but …

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6 Steps to Choosing Your Next Student Home

Steps to choosing your next student home 1) Who to live with? This is a toughie. You’ve just arrived in a new city, bonded over freshers’ week and now you’re planning to move in with them… but not for another few months. Friendships form and break over the course of first year so choosing …

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10 Lies You Have Almost Definitely Told Your Parents While at University

What they don’t know doesn’t hurt them right?   1) I barely even drank last night 2) Yes, I have been attending all my lectures and seminars 3) I haven’t received lower than a 2:1 so far this year 4) No, no one was taking drugs, and I haven’t tried any either 5) I …

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Competitions Launch

We’ve gone competition crazy here at The Student Housing Guide, and we’re going to be bringing heaps of competitions your way. We’ve currently got heaps of giveaways going, including event tickets, Supercar experiences, and hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers! Check out or competition page and enter as many competitions as you’d like; who …

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10 Easy Past-Times That Can Make You More Intelligent

10 Easy Past-Times That Can Make You More Intelligent 1) Read a variety of news sources It’s to no surprise that all varieties of news publications have some kind of bias involved in them, and can often be very persuasive and influence your opinions. In terms of politics, different newspapers have their own political …

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