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Bands you should have heard of if you want that person you like to think you’re cool

1 viagra ordonnance belgique. The Smiths The definitive Indie band for every generation, Morrisey and Co. are infamously like Marmite, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Either way, you should’ve heard of them, so do your homework. 2. Radiohead They’re the Britpop band that were always so much more than “Creep”. Don’t be …

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DJs you should have heard of if you want that person you like to think you’re cool

1. DJ Harvey This guy is every DJ’s favourite DJ. The original master and Ministry of Sound’s (the first Superclub in Europe) first resident DJ, Harvey puts the cult in cult figure. 2. Helena Hauff This woman is the flying the flag right now for underground Techno. With her Radio 1 residency starting soon, …

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Top 5 Ways to Personalize Your Student Room

Ah, university… the first, real stage of independence. You’ve moved out from under your parents, got a loan and are now a fully-functioning, grown human being. Terrifying. A ton of new opportunities are ready and waiting (if you can pull yourself out of bed). To help tone down the mind-numbing fear that will send …

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6 steps to choosing your next student home

  Choosing your housemates It’s all well and good wanting to live with all the people you’ve just become bezzie mates with. We know that a nine-bedroom house always seems like a good idea at the time. But logically, imagine how much washing up nine people would create… “Shotgun not” springs to mind. Choosing …

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8 things that’ll definitely happen whilst you’re a student

Because no matter what you do, there are some things that are literally unavoidable during student life. 1. Freshers’ Flu Even if you’re going into your third year, odds are you’ll still manage to catch the dreaded freshers’ flu. New people = new germs. University accommodations and campuses are the breeding ground. Reduce the …

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The Student Dictionary

A whole host of random people socializing together means new slang, new phrases and new references you’ve never even heard of before. We’ve put together a little ‘University Dictionary’ for you with the basics. Fresher = Freshman Student Pretty self-explanatory, students in their first year at university. Pres/Prinks = Pre-drinks The drinks you drink …

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Top 5 Netflix Binges

Everyone knows what is actually happening when you go up to your room and pretend to do work. Netflix. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of timeless Netflix series for when you need a little breather from studying. PS: start watching at your own risk! The Student Housing Guide will not …

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Top 5 hangover cures

One too many and paying for it in a bad way? Although we don’t encourage excessive drinking here at the Student Housing Guide (of course), we’ve all been there before. So fear not, dear hungover friends, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 hangover busting foods and drinks. Thank us later. 1. Water …

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Appy Days! Top 6 Apps for Students

It’s easy for apps to be more of a distraction from your studies than helpful, but there are few out there which aim to make life that bit easier for students. Here are our top 6… 1. Unidays 50% off Spotify Premium, 10% off at Apple, 10% off at Just Eat, need we go …

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5 ways you can be a savvy food shopper

When there’s nothing in the cupboards but a tin of kidney beans, approximately seven bits of spaghetti and some blackcurrant squash, it’s so easy just to ring up the local pizza place and have your hunger satisfied within the hour. But that isn’t the most beneficial way to do it – for both your …

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