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Bands you should have heard of if you want that person you like to think you’re cool

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by admin
January 18, 2017
Category:   Blog

1 viagra ordonnance belgique. The Smiths
The definitive Indie band for every generation, Morrisey and Co. are infamously like Marmite, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Either way, you should’ve heard of them, so do your homework.

2. Radiohead

They’re the Britpop band that were always so much more than “Creep”. Don’t be that person who says “Oh they’re that band that did Creep, right?”

3. Tame Impala
Easily the coolest and best band since Arctic Monkeys came about over 10 years ago. Do not not know who they are.

4. Talking Heads
That band Radiohead we mentioned before are named after a Talking Heads song. There’s a reason why. See the film “Stop Making Sense” for more info.

5. David Bowie
An obvious choice but a necessary one. Too many people know the name and nothing more. After his passing last year it’s a little bit less impressive if you do know your Ziggy Stardust from your Thin White Duke, but if you meet a true Bowie fan and show off your knowledge they’re sure to think you’re cooler than cool.

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