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8 things that’ll definitely happen whilst you’re a student

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by admin
November 7, 2018
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Because no matter what you do, there are some things that are literally unavoidable during student life…

Freshers’ Flu
Even if you’re going into your third year, odds are you’ll still manage to catch the dreaded freshers’ flu. New people = new germs and university accommodations and campuses are the breeding ground. Reduce the risk of being infected by making sure you wash your hands, eat your greens and don’t let anyone borrow your cups.

When someone goes away for the weekend and forgets to lock their room, it’s like finding a new playground. Whether you tinfoil wrap every belonging they have, leave something questionable under their pillow or prime a ton of alarm clocks in a hidden place – they will pay the price.

You will pull an all-nighter
There are a few types of all-nighters that you’ll pull during your time at university; we like to call them The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. The night where you stay out until the sun comes up after dancing the night away is The Good, staying in the library all night finishing your dissertation is The Bad, and The Ugly is when you’re walking home the following morning after a night out praying you don’t see anyone you know. Pick up some bonus points for completing all three.

No matter how impressive your chef skills or how well the ‘rents stock you up before term begins, you will at some point find yourself chowing down on cheap instant noodles. Around 80% off your meals will also be pasta-based.

You will underestimate a deadline
Got an essay due next week? No problem, that’s loads of time – “so I’d love to go out with you tonight, good friends. Do pass the voddy.” But soon that deadline will creep up on you and you’re left questioning why you left it so late with no one to blame but yourself and your amazing ability to procrastinate. Better luck next deadline.

You’ll make freshers’ week best friends
There are people you will meet on the first day of your course, on a night out during freshers’ week or at the freshers’ fair and there will be an instant connection. You’ve got a common ground; maybe you’re from the same town or support the same team. This is it, the chosen one. This is your new best mate. You’ll do everything together for the first two weeks and then suddenly they fall off the face of the earth. Don’t worry about it too much, maybe the bromance or sistership wasn’t meant to be. There’s plenty more friends in the sea.

Library fines
The recommended reading list for each module seems to get longer as the years go on at university. And normally they’re books the lecturer has written and wants you to buy. Purchasing books will never prevail when you could be getting buying other, far more interesting things. Before you know it, you’re account has been frozen and an irate librarian is getting on your back for a book you haven’t even read anyway.

You’ll keep a secret stash of goodies
What goes into the secret supply depends on the person. Some typical things you’d find would be sweet treats, branded crisps, washing detergent, any vodka that isn’t Sainsbury’s Basic and ‘the good teabags’. And there are multiple places this could be hidden, in the bedside table, in a desk drawer or stashed under the bed. Basically any place where it’s difficult to steal from. Beware going near someone else’s secret stash; people will can get quite protective over the good stuff.

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