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5 ways you can be a savvy food shopper

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by admin
November 14, 2016
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When there’s nothing in the cupboards but a tin of kidney beans, approximately seven bits of spaghetti and some blackcurrant squash, it’s so easy just to ring up the local pizza place and have your hunger satisfied within the hour. But that isn’t the most beneficial way to do it – for both your wallet and your waistline. Here are our top five tips for you to save some dough and stay that little bit healthier.

1. Don’t shop when you’re hungry
This is the rule numero uno. Hunger and food shopping just cannot coexist in a harmonious manner. You’ll want to buy and eat everything you’re walking past. “Oops, how did that multi-pack of biscuits end up in my basket?” “Why did I buy quiche, I don’t even like quiche. Well, it was only a quid…”

2. Plan your shop
We know that this sounds like a boring tip and you probably don’t have the time to prepare a fortnight of meals, but planning in advance and making the most out of the ingredients you have is essential in helping to maintain a healthy diet and avoiding waste. Invest in lots of Tupperware boxes, Google a few ideas and you’ll be a meal prep pro in no time.

3. Make your own packed lunches
Buying food out has the biggest impact on your bank balance and the amount of calories you will consume. By making your own sandwich, or making use of those Tupperware boxes to store leftovers, you’ll know exactly what’s going into your food and have the spare money to spend on better things than an overpriced meal deal each day.

4. Don’t be tempted by deals and offers
Like someone on your shoulder playing devils advocate, the different deals and offers floating around the supermarket will try to entice you in. You’ve got to be strong and say no. Do the maths – the deal normally isn’t as good as it seems.

5. Buy fruit and vegetables frozen or tinned
The shelf life on fresh fruit and vegetables isn’t always the best, especially it they’re out of season. But by buying your favourite fruit and veg frozen or tinned, it’s equally as nutritional as the fresh stuff, generally cheaper and it lasts a lot longer.

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