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10 top money saving tips for students

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by admin
February 28, 2017
Category:   Blog

Ensuring you have the right materials for your studies, maintaining a healthy social life and still being able to afford the essentials like teabags and loo roll make student life a right pain at times. To make things a tad easier, we’ve put together ten sure-fire tips for saving on those all important pennies while at uni!

1. Use the Library

Instead of spending loads on textbooks and extra reading (that you may not even need) make use of your campus library. If it’s in the syllabus they’ll be sure to have it in supply! If you want to make notes you can always photocopy the pages you need too.

2. Get a travel pass
You may not believe it, but bus fare can really wear away your bank account. Most public transport companies will offer a travel pass that will get you free fares for the year, so if your local bus company offers one then it is well worth getting. If you travel by train a lot, the 16-25 rail card is a must-have too!

3. Buy second hand
Whether it’s textbooks, clothes or CDs you can save money by buying second hand. eBay and Amazon have a lot of common textbooks going second hand, and exchange shops like That’s Entertainment will have a lot of CDs and DVDs at super low prices too. Charity shops are also a great way to find something you want for pennies!

4. Do a weekly shop
Instead of buying groceries as you go, do a big shop every few weeks. Make sure you only buy what you think you’ll need, and try to use all of it. This will save you having to buy food so often and you can even set yourself a budget for your weekly shop.

5. Buy your own printer and scanner
Most campuses will charge you to print work or use a photocopier from the library or union. Save yourself money by getting your own portable printer and scanner for your room. It saves you money, and saves you having to go all the way to uni to print your assignments too.

6. Find the discount shops
It’s not Waitrose, but places like Pound Stretcher or the local equivalent will have everything you need at super low prices. Shampoo for just £1, or that emergency replacement lightbulb for even less. Scouting out the nearest bargain bucket will come in handy.

7. Make use of student discounts
Many establishments such as cinemas and chain stores will offer student discount, just make sure you keep your student ID on you! If you fancy a day out or a shopping spree, try looking up where offers student discounts and how much you can get off. Head here for our exclusive offers!

8. Take advantage of freebies
Freshers fair, housing fair, open days… all full of stalls just giving away free pens and free draw string bags and notepads, basically every spare school supply or useful extra you could want. So grab a free bag and start stocking up because you may need some of this stuff later on in the year. If you’re lucky there’ll be free food stands and some coupons going around too.

9. Sell your old stuff
Don’t need those text books from the module you just finished? Then why not sell them off? Put them on eBay or WeBuyBooks and make a little money back (you can also use this to buy more books for the next module.) Same goes for old clothes or other junk you no longer use.

10. Take paid surveys
If you want to earn a little extra cash you can always sign up for sites like Opinion Outpost or Opinium where you can take surveys and earn money for doing so. It may take a while to earn a lot from this, but it’s still enough to buy you a few drinks and maybe a snack lunch.

For more student tips and advice, head here. 

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