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Student Living in Sheffield

If you are currently wondering where to study, whether you have chosen your course or not, then why not consider Sheffield as your university of choice? Obviously, the actual university is important, but what about student life in the area? Here is an introduction to what university life in Sheffield is like. We hope …

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How a tidy room can lead to better productivity

There’s a lot to do when you are a student – there’s your studies and your extracurricular activities, social events as well as simply spending some time recharging.  This means that you need to be your most productive self when possible.  But can a tidy room make a difference to how productive you are? …

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How to have a flat party without it getting out of control – a step by step guide.

There’s nothing better than getting your top 10 together for pre’s and making sure that everyone is in the best mood for the night ahead. Here’s the guide to make sure that your party doesn’t get out of control. They might not work 100% of the time, but they might just help. Step One: …

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How to survive fresher’s week: A Year by Year guide.

Each year comes with its own special set of qualities but what they all have in common is the week long party that kicks of the academia, but with each year you are going to experience a very different response to Freshers week, so here’s an over view of what those experiences might be …

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Key things to know about being a fresher.

So by now you’re sitting eagerly waiting to find out which university you’re going to get into, and having blissful ideas of how you’re going live as a brand new student. By now you’ve probably spoken to a few previous students about their experience and had some horror stories and some good tales but …

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5 Reasons Why Small City Uni Life Is A Good Choice

When applying for uni there are a few cities that stand out, the big places that just seem more appealing. As it happens that one place you could see yourself studying at for the next three years of your life is a lot smaller than you thought, however, there are advantages when it comes …

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21 Tips to Help You Retain Your Student Accommodation Deposit

Sheffield-based student accommodation provider Dove Properties have put together this guide to help make students aware of things they can do to help ensure the return of their deposit at the end of their tenancy: Phase 1 – Searching for a House 1. Buddy Up Wisely It’s really important to pick the right housemates …

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York Student Bar and Club Guide

Kuda Set inside a magnificent 185-year-old building is Kuda; a huge York club set over three floors. Combining its sophisticated bars and massive club space, it serves as the perfect venue for quiet after-uni drinks or for a mahoosive night out. An amphitheatre of atmosphere, state of the art LED lighting technology, beautiful surroundings …

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6 steps to choosing your next student accommodation

1. Choosing your housemates It’s all well and good wanting to live with all the people you’ve just become bezzie mates with. We know that a nine-bedroom house always seems like a good idea at the time. But logically, imagine how much washing up nine people would create… “Shotgun not” springs to mind. Choosing your …

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Where To Live In London: The Student Guide

Moving to the capital of the UK can be a scary thought, but we’ve rounded up the best student locations so you can join the other small fish in the big pond. Woolwich Named by Rentonomy as the best area to live in as a student, Woolwich has all the amenities needed for a …

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