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7 tips for decorating a student room without losing your deposit

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by admin
August 4, 2016
Category:   Blog

We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve walked into our new student bedroom and thought ‘ugh, is this it?’ For the majority, bedrooms in halls or student housing can be very, um, beige. So we’ve compiled a list of tips to make your new home more homely without needing to reach for that can of Dulux and ultimately lose your deposit.

1) Let there be light!
The overhead light in your student room isn’t the most pretty or homely, so investing in some extra lighting can really bring your bedroom to life. You can invest in some fairly cheap floor lamps from stores like Argos or Primark, which will be especially useful for late-night gatherings or when you’re hammering out an essay at 3am. Fairy lights are also a popular choice for making your room look extra cosy. Try making use of those old wine and spirit bottles by removing the label and stuffing a load of fairy lights inside. Now that’s upcycling!


2) Print your memories!
Most student bedrooms come with a notice board, and this is a lovely little area for decorating. Print off all those Instagram and Facebook snaps of your friends and family and pin ‘em to your notice board. It’ll make you feel less homesick on bad days and convince your new university mates that you’re super popular.

3) Add some printed tapestry
Student bedrooms are very rarely painted in exciting colour schemes, so hanging up some printed tapestry can make your walls look less plain. By hanging the tapestry you can add a splash of colour and make your room look much more interesting. You can find some great stuff on EBay if you’re on a budget too.

4) Pile on the cushions
In your student bedroom, your bed will be both your bed and your sofa. Invest in some cheerful, colourful bedding with cushions and throws to brighten things up. Ikea, Sainsbury’s and Primark all have ranges of pretty bedding that won’t break the bank.


5) Invest in a decent rug
The unfortunate reality is that student housing carpets can be pretty grim, often being 1980s cast offs that wouldn’t even be seen in your nan’s house. By investing in a decent rug, you can cover this and make your room much more homely.

6) Stick up some posters
Although some landlords don’t encourage sticking things up, posters can be vital to making a student room your own. Stick up some posters of your favourite bands, celebrities or art. You can also frame your posters using colourful washi tape to make it look even more artsy, and it won’t mark the walls.

7) Get creative with a blackboard sticker

Blackboard stickers are pretty cool and an awesome twist on the typical blackboard. They can be attached directly to the walls, ceramic tiles, window, screens and mirrors, and can be easily removed


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